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About Us

We are a quality manufacturer and industry leader for self-service air and water equipment, and outstanding economical hose reels for industrial and commercial use. With our complete in-house facilities, Duro Manufacturing, LLC can supply the largest variety of reels and equipment with ultimate prompt service to save you time and money.

Since 1968, Duro Manufacturing, LLC has been manufacturing and designing reel devices for O.E.M. and distributors worldwide. Our 46 years of experience and field proven components have made Duro Manufacturing, LLC. an industry leader. Duro Manufacturing, LLC prides itself on providing high quality products and service with value.

Duro Manufacturing, LLC

provides a complete line of hose reels and cord reels - spring retracted, motor driven and manual rewind reels. This variety serves a wide range of applications such as oils, grease, air, water, diesel fuels, pesticides, hydraulic oils, chemicals, oxygen and acetylene, paint, static discharge and electrical requirements.

Duro Manufacturing, LLC reels are designed for industrial, marine, automotive, electrical, petroleum and agricultural markets. Duro Manufacturing, LLC also provides a quality line of self-service air and water equipment for service stations and card locks. Our products can be used where ever self-service of air and water is needed in a variety of styles, colors and cabinet designs. And our self-service equipment can be designed with or without oil-less compressors.