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Made in the USA
Duro Manufacturing self serve air and water equipment



checkbox list Heavy cast aluminum top and base.

checkbox list One piece heavy stainless steel shroud.

checkbox listRemovable steel front panel for complete access.

checkbox list Large access door with lock and keys.

checkbox list Door at rear of base for easy connections.

checkbox list Cast aluminum hose guides with nylon rollers.

checkbox list Choice of double or single hose reel units with options.

checkbox list Two overall heights.


checkbox list Premium oil resistant 2 braid hose with water bibb and air gauges.

checkbox list Reel spools rotate on bronze self-lubricating bearings.

checkbox list Independent full flow all brass swivel joints with four O-ring seals.

checkbox list Cartridge type motor spring with built in declutching arbor.

Series 50 & 51
SERIES 50, 51
Model Number Description Weight
Model 50-25
Model 50-25
50-25 Double hose reel with water bibb & air gauge 88
50-31 Double hose reel with water bibb & air gauge 94
51-25 Single hose reel with water bibb or air gauge 76
51-31 Single hose reel with water bibb or air gauge 82



Model Number Height Length Width Weight Model 50-37
Model 50-31
50-25 25 1/2" 16" 16" 82
50-31 31 1/2" 16" 16" 88
51-25 25 1/2" 16" 16" 74
51-31 31 1/2" 16" 16" 80



Add Option Letter to Model Number (50-31-Rg-B)
Letter Description Weight
L Locking device (holds hose out at any extended length tension free) 2
S Non-Electric Sign 11 x 14 Face 10
RG Rollers (on front sides of shroud) 2
HG Heater 5
B 25' Wire Braid Hose 4