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Made in the USA
Duro Manufacturing self serve air and water equipment


Specifically Designed Self-Service Installations

Heavy gauge steel cabinet for housing one or two hose reels. Good access for making air and water hookup at rear of base. Premium hose with air gauge and water bibb. Split front cover permits locking accessories when not in use. Finished in black powder coat, please specify if other color is required.

Hose reel cabinet and compressor cabinet for use with remote inside compressor. Automatic 3 minute timer with electric air valve permits controlled air or coin-op service with existing compressor.

Hose reel cabinet and compressor cabinet for self-contained air compressor, maximum 100 P.S.I. Compressor features permanent lube bearings, no oil required. Compressor with built-in Conrader valve is wired to push button or coin meter to activate.

Series 30, 31, 35, 36, 40, 41
Model 30-S
Model 30-S
Model Number Description Weight
30 Two Hose Reels (25' Water & 25' Air) 122
31 One Hose Reel (25' Air or Water) 105
MODULAR SERIES 35, 36 (For Remote Compressor)
35 Two Hose Reels (25' Air & Water) 144
35-C Two Hose Reels (25' Air or Water Coin-Op 25¢) 145
36 One Hose Reel (25' Air or Water) 136
36-C One Hose Reel (25' Air or Water Coin-Op 25¢) 137
MODULAR SERIES 40, 41 (Self-Contained Compressor)
40-A Two Hose Reels (Compressor) 180
40-CA Two Hose Reels (Coin-Op 25¢) 185
40-CAW Two Hose Reels (Coin-Op 25¢ Air & Water) 185
41-A One Hose Reel (Compressor) 171
41-CA One Hose Reel (Coin-Op 25¢) 176


Add Option Letter to Model Number (30-L)
Model 40-A
Model 40-A
Letter Description Weight
L Locking device (holds hose out at any extended length tension free) 2
S Non-Electric Sign 11 x 14 Face 10
RG Rollers (on front sides of shroud) 2
HG Heater 5
B 25' Wire Braid Hose 4