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Made in the USA
Duro Manufacturing self serve air and water equipment

SENTRY LED Light Fixture

Free or Coin Operated

Tandem 12 foot light pole with fixture. Cabinet with hose reels and oil-less compressor.

LIGHT POLE: Heavy tandem tabular design. Solid cross members at top and bottom. Finished black enamel or other designated colors. Hold down bolts with base covers.

CABINETS: Heavy steel construction guards against vandalism. Door for locking hose reels. Coin-operated units constructed of heavy steel for safety coin box. Powder coated for additional rust protection.

COMPRESSORS: Built-in compressor with Conrader valve for added protection and longevity prevents compressor from overheating. The air hose always maintains pressure at the air gauge. Push button or coin meter activates compressor; timer also guards against over work.

Series 96, 97 & 98
Series 96, 97 & 98
Series 96, 97 & 98 left
Model Number Decsription Weight
96-1 One Reel (No Compressor) 315
96-2 Two Reels (No Compressor) 329
97-A One Reel (Free Air Compressor) 376
97-CA One Reel (Coin-op Compressor) 381
98-A Two Reels (Free Air Compressor) 390
98-CA Two Reels (Coin-op Compressor) 395


Add Option Letter to Model Number
Letter Description Weight
L Locking device (holds hose out at any extended length tension free) 2
RG Rollers (on front sides of shroud) 2
HG Heater 5
B 25' Wire Braid Hose 4


Note: For special sign plate, towel cabinet, mounting plates, etc. on light poles, consult factory.