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Made in the USA

Duro Manufacturing, LLC's

outstanding designs and built-in flexibility saves you time and money. The versatility that you get from Duro Reels is worthy of consideration. They can be relied upon to give you the ultimate in service without maintenance and costly down time.


All materials are of the finest grade, powder coat and other conversion coatings used on parts before assembly. Cast aluminum, bronze, brass, nylon and steel combats rust factor.

Full Flow Swivel Joints:

Precision machined to close tolerances for assurance of a perfect seal. Attaches to reel as a complete unit and is independent of other moving parts. Standard swivel will handle most gases and liquids.

Balanced Power:

Cartridge type motor springs are reversible for opposite rotation. Spring is centrifugally aligned around axis for smoother action. Easy job site replacements. Designed for minimized breakage.

Hose Storage:

Heavy gauge steel and aluminum reel spools with rolled edges. Spools rotate on large self-lubricating bearings.

Hose Control:

Positive locking with a non-sparking ratchet pawl holds hose out at any extended length for tension free use.

Hose Protection:

Nylon hose rollers provide smooth quiet action while extending the life of the hose. Hose guide arms adjust to the proper working angle with a nut adjustment. Guide arms are made of cast heat treated aluminum.

Electric Power Reels:

Industrial duty rubbing contact blocks, high amp systems for greater longevity.


More efficiency in high production shops. Improves hose handling by taking much of the physical effort out of the job.


Keep a clean uncluttered area by eliminating the hazard of a loose hose.


Duro Reels have hundreds of varied applications. They can be customized to fit the job.


Low maintenance factor. The need to replace hose is greatly reduced.

A most economical and high quality hose reel. The fine choice of materials with designed in features give our products an advantage for greater longevity.

Duro Reels Are Better

"A practical solution to many problems"